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    Flu Clinic Coming to Rainier View
    Posted on 11/06/2018

    Flu Clinic coming to Rainier View

         If your family hasn’t already gotten flu shots, the Flu Clinic will be coming to Rainer View on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 from 7:55-9:55 am.  
         To receive a flu shot, you must fill out the following form for each person. Even If you registered your child using a "Healthy Schools" consent form at the start of school, we have had a change in providers and you will need to complete this new form: 
    Seattle Visiting Nurses Consent Form.

         Your family is welcome to come, it’s not just for our students. Children over six can get the shot, as long as parents sign the form and provide payment. They do not have to be there that day.

    There is a cost connected to the flu shot.

    Bill insurance - SVNA can bill directly for nearly all major insurance plans except for Cigna and Provider One – a Medicaid Fee for Service Plan - unless the plan is tied to an Apple Health Plan. The insurance information will be provided by the participant on the Patient Consent Form.  We recommend that the participant bring the insurance card to the clinic.  We must have the member ID number to bill insurances. 

    Bill employer - If the employer wishes to pay for any of the employees’ flu shots, please note the name of the employer on the Consent Form in the space indicated.  We will send an invoice to the employer after the clinic. 

    Pay cash/check -  If a participant is uninsured or if a plan is one we do not bill (Cigna or Provider One), the participant may pay in cash or by check at the time the vaccination is given.  We do not take credit cards.  The standard Trivalent is $30; Quadrivalent is $40 and Thimerosal Free is $35.