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    One School One Book
    Posted on 05/29/2018

    One School, One Book

    We are on week 3 of our shared reading of The One and Only Ivan. It is great to hear that so many students, families and staff are enjoying the book!

    We have been spending time in Library class learning more about Ivan and gorillas in general. We have gotten to see just how big Ivan's hands are through the book Actual Size by Steve Jenkins.  This week we have been comparing our arm span length to that of Ivan.  We then tried our hands at making messages the way Ivan did, by collaging them on smaller pieces of paper.

    We have gotten some more student drawings of Ivan returned to school. Let's get more back, and turn the hallway into an Ivan gallery.  Be an artist, like Ivan!!

    "I've always been an artist. I love drawing, 
    When I'm drawing a picture, I feel......quiet inside".
    (pgs. 85-86)

    Rainier View Reading Schedule for the One and Only Ivan


    Week 1- May 7-11

    Week 3- May 21-25

    Monday, Pages 1-18

    Monday, Pages 157-171

    Tuesday, Pages 19-33

    Tuesday, Pages 172-187

    Wednesday, Pages 34-50

    Wednesday, Pages 188-203

    Thursday, Pages 51-66

    Thursday, Pages 204-220

    Friday, Pages 67-81


    Friday, Pages 221-236

    Week 2- May 14-18

    Week 4- May 28-June 1

    Monday, Pages 82-96

    Monday, Pages 237-251

    Tuesday, Pages 97-110

    Tuesday, Pages 252-266

    Wednesday, Pages 111-126

    Wednesday, Pages 267-281

    Thursday, Pages 127-141

    Thursday, Pages 282-295

    Friday, Pages 142-156

    Friday, Pages 296-308 (includes author’s note)