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    Join our Move-A-Thon!
    Posted on 05/14/2021
    move a thon banner

    Rainier View is taking part in a new, fun, healthy and equitable fundraising Move- A-Thon May 17-28th. We are joining with 11 other schools to help support each other in a collaborative and fair funding model.

    How: Each student will get a Bingo board full of fun ways of being active. At the end of the month students will return their Bingo cards to the school for a prize!!

    We ask you and your students to talk to your family, friends and neighbors to see if they will sponsor  pledge some money for each square finished, or a Bingo (5 in a row) or a simple donation. All the money raised will be share between the participating schools.

    Here is the flyer  in many languages

    The Bingo Board:

    Pledge Form:

    Donations can be made in cash, online or with a check.

    Las donaciones pueden hacerse en dólares, en línea o con un cheque.
    Deeqaha waxaa lagu bixin karaa doolar, khadka tooska ah ama jeeg.

    ልገሳዎች በዶላር ፣ በኦንላይን ላይ ወይም በቼክ ሊሰጡ ይችላሉ ፡፡ Quyên góp có thể thực hiện dưới dạng tiền mặt, trên mạng hoặc bằng chi phiếu.


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