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Rainier View ~ Attendance

~ Attendance, Rainier View
Anna Baughman

Baughman, Anna

Teacher—Instrumental Music
Veronica Beverley

Beverley, Veronica

First Grade Teacher

My role at LSK8: Right now, I teach first grade with my team teacher Rob. I co-taught kindergarten with Lauryn last year! I was born in upstate New York, and grew up in the tiny town of New Haven on the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. I attended these schools: Mexico Academy High School (Public school for K-12. Mexico is a town in upstate NY!). Undergrad at Ithaca College, M. Ed. in Early Childhood Education from Arizona State University. My favorite subjects in school were Science, Math, and French. It's very hard to choose as a teacher, however! My favorite food is tapas and Mexican. My favorite T.V. Show or Movie is: I'm watching all of the Marvel series on Netflix, and Amelie is my favorite movie. My favorite color is yellow. My favorite books are The God of Small Things  by Arundhati Roy and Hunger by Roxane Gay for adults. For kids, I love Last Stop on Market Street, Lost and Found, and Cloudette. My favorite authors are Oliver Jeffers and Roxane Gay. My favorite music is indie and punk rock. My hobbies include traveling, reading, hiking and many different outdoor activities. My role model is my mentor, Lana. My piece of advice to young people is read and learn, let your mind wander and follow curiosity!

Alexander Dunn

Dunn, Alexander

4th Grade Teacher

I grew up in Savannah, GA. I still have family there. I love to play sports, especially sand volleyball and tennis. I learned how to sail on a small pond. I also read every book that interested me. I was a Boy Scout and earned the Eagle rank. I love the outdoors, especially roaring waterfalls and swift rivers! I moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington (Go Huskies!). It was in college where I learned that I wanted to become a teacher. I love working with students! I earned a teacher certificate and a Master in Education. I have taught students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade, both in private and public schools. This is my fifteenth year in education (Wow!). I am honored to be at Rainier View Elementary. I believe it is important for learning to be meaningful and applicable.

Laura Flores Montero

Flores Montero, Laura

Instructional Assistant

Haile, Merhatsion

Custodial Engineer J
William Hurd

Hurd, William

Teacher-Special Education-XT
Anitra Jones

Jones, Anitra


Korala, Renuka

Specialist Comm Disorder

This is my fifth year being a speech therapist at Graham Hill Elementary and it is my favorite school that I have worked at because of the students and staff! I love being a speech therapist and helping students find the best way to communicate. Some particular parts of my job I love are seeing students interact with each other in social groups, pushing into the classroom to see them apply what they have learned in our sessions, and how excited students get when they master a tricky sound! In my free time I love to hang out with my husband, Ashan and our two little kids Ayaan (3yo) and Aila (2yo). We love to go on nature walks, play basketball, and do fun science experiments. I also love to bake and love to try new foods! I am so happy to be at Graham Hill again and cannot wait to see everyone from our community again! <3

Lebehn, Linea

Teacher/Bilingual BS


Teacher/Bilingual BS

Zakarrah McCullouch